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Foshan Shunde Sunbird Electric Appliance Co., LtdLtdProduction capacitor、LED driver
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Foshan Shunde Sunbird Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

SUNBIRD Focus on capacitor production

Guangdong Province Foshan City Shunde District Junan Town Songbai Electrical Appliance Co, Ltd. was converted fromthe former Guangdong Shunde Huada Capacitor Factory. It was founded in 1980 and is the earliest in China. One of theenterprises specializing in the production of capacitors, the company introduced capacitor production equipment and testing nstruments from Japan and Switzerland, which provided a strong guarantee for the production and inspection of products. The
company is the first enterprise in the industry to pass the SO quality management system certification. It has introduced theadvanced management mode and established the quality organization system and quality index guarantee system Quality inspection and assurance system
The company has successfully developed the first electronic explosion-proof capacitor and the first mechanical explosion-proof capacitor in China in cooperation with many scientifc research institutes and universities, which makes the safety performance of capacitors in China reach the international level and the safety and reliability of air conditioners in China reach the international level
The company is a standard drafting unit of capacitor industry, a national high-tech enterprise. The company upholds the enterprise spirit of perfect quality, dedication to society, sincere cooperation, innovation and win-win, adheres to the business philosophy of creating value for customers, and strives to make Songbai become a century-old brand

Reasons for choice

Our mission is to create value for you

力厂家 您的选择
Reason One

40 years of professional trust

Strength of your choice of manufacturers
Old Huada has been working quietly for 20 years, new pines and cypresses have thrived for 20 years, with 40 years of R & D and production experience and reliable professional quality. Songbai not only inherits the capacitor R & D technology and process quality of Huada for 20 years, but also innovates and develops the capacitor, trigger, ballast, driver and other products for 20 years. Time is the melting pot of the tempering enterprise and the touchstone of the product quality of the postgraduate entrance examination. Over the past 40 years, we have served countless customers, mainly including greemidea, Warburg Wanbao, Kelong Hisense, Miguel Jinling, Rex Sidon, three male ocean king, etc.
力厂家 您的选择
Reason Two

High efficiency and lower cost

With 40 years of steady development, in order to improve competitiveness, Songbai has purchased and developed the most advanced automatic production equipment and inspection and experimental instruments, so that the manufacturing of products will not fluctuate (quality and output) due to human factors, especially the capacitor vacuum heat treatment system is the first example in the industry, which can maximize the electric field strength and service life of the capacitor The product upgrading of the whole industry has been realized (for example, the water heater and cigarette machine of Wanjiale have been upgraded from 450V to 500V, and the service life has been upgraded from level C to level B).
Reason Three

Strength guarantee of brand enterprises

The strength of the world's top 500 selection
As early as 2003, Songbai passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification, was granted more than 20 patents, and obtained the "intellectual property management system certification". It is not only a "high-tech enterprise", but also a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise, and was approved two high-tech products. All products have obtained 3C, CQC, CB, CE, UL, TUV, ROHS, reach and other certifications, all of which are Is a strong guarantee of quality.
拥有成套质检设备 对品质层层把关
Reason Four

Efficient management quality first

Complete sets of quality inspection equipment
With 40 years of accumulation, training, learning and growth, we have built a scientific and efficient scientific research management team and production and operation team, formed a perfect and practical process system and a fast response integrity service team, and provided your products with energy transmission, storage, energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and sustainable services.
Cooperative partner Continuous innovation, we have been leading the industry
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